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Brasov City Tour

Is the Brasov City Tour the perfect experience for you?

The Brasov City Tour has been created especially for nature and cultural tours lovers. Brasov is the perfect city to experience both. Situated in the middle of Transylvania, it has many gems to be discovered. Buildings dating from the Medieval Ages and colorful houses await you. Then, if you’re up for a short hike, we can explore the Tampa Mountain. Brasov is probably the most famous tourist city in Romania. It has a very rich medieval history and very large open squares. If you join the Brasov City Tour, you’ll understand what we mean.

Top three major attractions in Brasov

Brasov City TourWell, you might be asking yourself, what’s it all about? The Black Church is probably the most popular venue. It’s one of the largest gothic churches in Eastern Europe. Also, it’s huge organ is sometimes open to the public, for occasional concerts. Something not to be missed, indeed! Piata Sfatului is basically the heart of the Old Town of Brasov. In the summertime it is filled with tourists and locals alike, serving lunch or dinner. It’s got a very festive atmosphere, especially around Christmas. If you join the Brasov City Tour we’ll explore Piata Sfatului together, and a lot more! The next big attraction is probably the Tampa Mountain, for nature lovers. Although Brasov has many more other fortifications and even a Cathedral, the mountain never ceases to attract people.

What else is inlcuded in the Brasov City Tour?

With the Brasov City Tour you’ll have the opportunity to discover all the main attractions from Brasov. If you’re up for it, we can take a short hike on the Tampa Mountain. If you’d rather prefer a walk, we can do so at the base of the mountain. The Tour is also suitable for children. So, bring your family with you and let’s have fun! From Brasov, basically you have access to other nearby venues that you could visit. For example, if you’re a Dracula fan, you can visit the Bran Castle. It’s really not very far away from the city of Brasov. Or you could go to Rasnov and experience other wonderful things, such as Dino Park, suitable for children. Or maybe the mighty Rasnov Fortress. It’s really up to you. All we can say is that you can’t miss Brasov!

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